Busy Being Ze - R&D Sharing
Busy Being Ze - R&D Sharing
Past Performance
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October 15th 2019
For children aged 7 - 11 years old
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Busy Being Ze - First Research and Development Sharing

From our friends Wondering Hands

Busy Being Ze is a puppet theatre show for family audiences about a little puppet named Ze and their journey to self-acceptance.

With the help of Applecart Arts we’re starting the first stage of this show’s development with a special research and development sharing. This is an exciting time for you to learn more about how puppet shows are made from scratch and for us to get your opinion on what we’ve created so far!

In the weeks leading up to the sharing we will be working together to gather ideas for puppet design, script writing, poetry and music. This is how we start the process of making our shows. These ideas will then go on to be developed further in the next stages of the production in 2020. Although the show is not completed we would like to take this opportunity to share some of the first initial ideas we are working on, tell you a little more about what the show and share ideas and feedback with our target audience.

Tuesday 15th October - 4pm & 7:30pm

£8 / 6 (Concession)

About Wondering Hands:
We are a group of puppeteers, puppet makers, musicians and cabaret artists and we’ve come together to develop a show that promotes love, learning and inclusivity for everyone. Busy Being Ze is aimed at children aged 7-11 years old at Key Stage 2 and supports PSHE education. 

The sharing may run like this:

●     Introduction to the team and explanation of how we make our puppet shows and how research and development sharings work. (5 mins)

●     Draft performance using roughly made puppets and scenery for example using sponge, cardboard and bits and bobs. We will give you a general idea of the story and what it will look like. (10-20 mins)

●     Storytelling, poetry and music. We will share some of the other ideas that we’ve developed during the week. (5-10 mins)

●     Question and answer with the team where children can ask questions about the themes of the show, about puppetry and about making puppet shows. (15-20 mins)

●     Activity where the children will all get to design a Pride monster and write a little about their own experiences of fitting in or not fitting in at school and give any feedback. (20-30 mins)

Running time estimate: 1 hour

For more information please contact 

The Team:
Alicia Britt: Director, Designer
Sebastian Freeburn: Music
Alexander Luttley: Writer, Puppeteer
Edie Edmundson: Assistant Writer, Puppeteer


Watch Wondering Hands' successful kickstarter video below to find out more about Ze!

Watch The Trailer