Lord Knows... (This Won't Be The Last Time)
Lord Knows... (This Won't Be The Last Time)
Past Performance
In The Theatre
October 16th - October 17th 2019

Part of ShoutOut Festival 2019

Presented by The Midnight Florists

In the Littlewood Theatre

I wanted my friends to be fucked like I...
like I wanted one of them to be like abused. 
I wanted one of them to... 
I just wanted one of them to feel how I feel.

The Midnight Florists present an invocation, a reperformance of survival, an examination not of the act but the consequence, not the fall but the rise. A gathering of voices that speak out through surrogate mouths, drowning in the sound of the silence of fear.

Collating together over twenty hours of verbatim recordings gifted by survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. Lord Knows... (This Won’t Be the Last Time) tells in their own words the very real stories of “Alex” and “Sarah” who were assaulted in the same month of the New York Times article into an abusive Hollywood movie producer.  It chronicles their recovery in their own words, through each stutter, retraction, correction and mistake. Supported by music, dance, multimedia, and broadcast this performance redirects the #MeToo narrative from the abuse to the slow and necessary recovery.

Supported by Bootworks Theatre, Rachael Clerke, The University of Chichester, and Tsinder Ash. 

Developed as #Progression Resident Company at The Greenwich and Lewisham Young Peoples Theatre  

Wednesday 16th October - 9pm
Thursday 17th October - 7:45pm
£10 / 8 (Concession)

Run time: 60 mins

Cast / Creatives:
"Alex" - Andrew Martin Lee
"Sarah" - Rhiannon Tomes
Interviewer/Therapist/The Host - Lucy Jenkinson,
Produced by Kayleigh Hunt
Twitter - @MidnightFlorist

Read more about the company here

Trigger Warnings: Rape and sexual assault, abuse (physical, mental, emotional, verbal, & sexual), suicide, self-Injurious behaviour, and mental Illness

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Creative Team
Andrew Martin Lee Actor

Andrew Martin Lee is an interdisciplinary performance maker, whose work explores the meeting points and conflict between his autobiographical lived experience and wider social, political, and cultural concerns.

Rhiannon Ella Tomes Actor

Rhiannon Ella Tomes is a second-year Theatre student at The University of Chichester whose practice attempts to create platforms for marginalized identities in mainstream spaces and tackles the misconceptions surrounding those identities.

Lucy Jenkinson Actor

Lucy Jenkinson is a freelance theatre-maker whose practice explores queerness, lesbianism, and the connection between mental health and the LGBTQ+ community.

Kayleigh Hunt Producer

Kayleigh Hunt is an emerging solo artist, producer, and Director. Her work is unapologetically feminist and works through physical theatre, installation, movement, and text. Her current work glorifies and personifies her period.