The Cage Made of Fear
The Cage Made of Fear
Now Showing
In The Theatre
October 20th - October 22nd 2019

Part of ShoutOut Festival 2019

Presented by Modern Thoughts Theatre

In the Littlewood Theatre

How much of the freedom do we have, living in the world that promotes it everyday? How much does our freedom cost us and how easy is it to lose it? Maybe the most important question should be, how much does it take to get it back?

The girl that got manipulated into a sex-trade industry has accepted that there is no such thing as freedom, there is only control. She is dependent on the person she grew to believe is her hero. She knew that everything in this world has a price and her current employment was the price she had to pay for being rescued by that hero.

However, everything changes when she meets her new client.

Through the dialogue between the victim and a client, the situation becomes clear, as she was brought into the sex-trade through a downward spiral and absolute dependence on the perpetrators of the crimes that take place. The conversation starts to open her eyes and pushes her towards the decisions that should soon change her life. Though, how easy it is to change it when the predator that took over your life keeps pushing you back?

Sunday 20th October - 6pm
Tuesday 22nd October - 5pm
£10 / 8 (Concession)

Run time: 60 minutes

Trigger Warnings: bad language, sexual reference, rape, physical and mental abuse, drugs and alcohol


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