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October 25th - October 26th 2019

Part of ShoutOut Festival 2019

Presented by Spitting Feathers Theatre

In the Littlewood Theatre

I like being me… 
What do I like about being a woman? 
Fuck all.

LADY BITS is a verbatim style musical using the words of real womxn to shine a light on the collective experiences of women in contemporary society.  This mini musical was originally created for the “Notes To Self” module on the BA Musical Theatre course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Every word in the piece was said by a real person, including every umm, er, and fuck. The process involved interviewing a wide range of womxn from different backgrounds, who are all of different ages and are from all around the world. From hours of interviews a collection of vignettes and songs was put together covering topics from motherhood to abuse. LADY BITS is a heartfelt, honest and sometimes painful exploration about what it means to be a woman today.

LADY BITS was devised by an all-female creative team who wanted to expand the definition of musical theatre and create something raw, honest and heartfelt to ask difficult questions of both men and womxn of what womanhood means today and how/if contemporary society can learn from individuals’ experiences.

LADY BITS is currently a work in development so we welcome feedback from this sharing as part of ShoutOut Festival. 

Friday 25th October - 9pm
Saturday 26th October - 7:45pm
£10 / 8 (Concession)

About the company:

Spitting Feathers is an emerging independent Glasgow-based theatre company formed of a loose collective of theatre makers all joined by a passion for contemporary political theatre which pushes the boundaries across a wide range of forms. The company began in December last year in the hope of bringing grass roots theatre makers together in order to create high quality pieces of performance. 

Cast: Bailey Grey, Melinda Orengo, Ellie Grace Wilcock, Georgie Buckland, Makenna DeMers, Joy Tan 
Creators: Bailey Grey and Makenna DeMers
Producer: Faith Beach

Facebook: @spittingfeatherstheatre
Facebook: @ladybitsmusical
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Instagram: @spittingfeatherstheatre

Trigger warnings: Abortion, references to sexual violence and harassment


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