This Poo Shall Pass
This Poo Shall Pass
Past Performance
In The Theatre
December 1st 2019

Molly’s on the toilet, and she’s written about it. Share in her scatalogical agonies, wallow in her bodily woes, and discover her darkest secret: her Google search history. 

This Poo Shall Pass is a funny and grotesque one-woman show about the role of the body in public and private storytelling. Featuring witty spoken word poems interlaced with snippets from Molly’s archive of strange Google searches, this brand new show explores the oddness of bodies through the lens of Molly's identity as a transgender woman, testing the boundaries of public and private in surprising, and sometimes uncomfortable ways. And for half of it, Molly is sitting on the loo. 

Join us for an evening of poetry that picks at the bits your Mum told you not to pick at, gets up close and personal with the stuff underneath your fingernails, and asks all questions you've ever been tempted to, without resorting to incognito mode.

Sunday 1st December - 7:45pm

Pay more: £12
Standard: £10
Pay less: £8

Perfomed by Molly Martian 
Directing support from Conor Jatter 
Produced by Laura Furner  - @laurahjayne

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