All By Myself
All By Myself
Past Performance
In The Theatre
October 18th - October 23rd 2020

Part of Dazed New World Festival 2020

Presented by Part of the Main

All By Myself explores the question, ‘Who are we without other people?’

This unusual solo show tells the story of one woman, alone in her apartment, but connected to the outside world through her popular YouTube account. At first she appears to be in the midst of a daily routine, but as she edits videos to send to her followers, she shows two very different sides of herself. Which ‘her’ is the real ‘her’? Does she know? And how far would she go to preserve her legacy?

Told with minimal dialogue, All By Myself reveals the difference between what we say and what we do, with a particular focus on how we present ourselves online. All By Myself was conceived by Jessica Bickel-Barlow as part of her artistic investigation of how theatre represents the internet. It is produced by Part of the Main, a company dedicated to creating theatre by women, nonbinary, and trans artists. Recently, their work has been featured in The Guardian, The Stage, and BBC Radio.

Concept and direction by Jessica Bickel-Barlow
Produced by Olivia Munk
Performed by Charlie Blandford
Movement Director: Lily Howkins​

Sunday 18th October, 6pm
​Re-Broadcast: Tuesday 20th October, 9pm
Re-Broadcast: Friday 23rd October, 8pm

Online Stream

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Run time: 45 mins

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