The Fall
The Fall
Past Performance
In The Theatre
October 14th - October 16th 2020

Part of Dazed New World Festival 2020

Presented by Coracle Arts

A comic, poignant and poetic retelling of a child’s memorable trip to church resulting in a life changing realisation.

The Fall is an exploration of inherited shame and how to overcome it. 30 minutes of comedy, history and a sprinkling of theology raising serious questions about the domestication, silencing and shaming of women throughout the history of The Church.

Performed by Writer and Actor Sarita Plowman, The Fall is an entertaining glimpse into a Sunday morning fall from grace that turned out to be a discovery of freedom for a young child in search of answers.

The Fall is available with a learning pack with discussion points and activities for those wishing to book as a group and explore the subject matter further.

Wednesday 14th October, 8pm
Re-Broadcast: Friday 16th October, 9pm

Online Stream

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Run time: 30 mins

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