Buckets by David Emmings - 8pm
Buckets by David Emmings - 8pm
Past Performance
In The Theatre
January 11th - January 12th 2018

“This is our time. Our moment. We knew it would finally happen for us one day, and now this is it. The answer to all our problems is on the other side of this door.”

Two brothers, Ted and Sid wait for the rain, they dream of the rain, they can almost taste the rain. Holed up in their derelict attic room they wait - days, weeks, months, who knows how long it’s been. The trees have turned to dust, their memories are faded, and Ted can’t find his trousers. Only their absurd questions of life, and ingenious games of survival will keep them from destroying each other whilst they desperately wait for a single drop of rain to fall in their little metal bucket.

A darkly comic, and deeply moving look at life when forced into the impossible. Is any of it even real? All Ted and Sid know is that waiting is exhausting.

‘BUCKETS’ is David’s debut play. His writing is strongly influenced by Maurice Maeterlinck, Samuel Beckett, and British sitcoms throughout the eighties and nineties; he enjoys the absurdity and ridiculous of the worlds created and the plight of the characters in desperate situations.

Originally from Exeter, Devon he moved to London to train at Central School of Speech and Drama, and has worked extensively as an actor in theatre, nationally and internationally, including National Theatre, Bristol Old Vic, Spoleto USA, Lyric Hammersmith, London Old Vic, Young Vic and the West End.