A Night of Kings - Epiphany Live Music
A Night of Kings - Epiphany Live Music
Past Performance
In The Theatre
January 6th 2018

Swing back into the new year with our FREE  Epiphany Live Music event on Saturday 6th Jan. Doors open at 7.30pm

Loosely themed around the Kings of Music, Luke and Giles will rock you out of your post-holiday blues: the year is young and we are just getting started...

If you are a keen (amateur) musician, join in with the Open Mic section and play us a song!


If you wish to participate in the Open Mic, email Idgie on idgie@applecartarts.com with your name and songs you wish to play.

The theme of the evening will be Kings in Music but that’s not essential if you don’t have any ‘King’ music in your repertoire!