On Demand
On Demand
Past Performance
In The Theatre
June 20th 2018

On Demand is The Natashas Project’s new dance production and awareness initiative.

This new dance/physical theatre production explores the depths and effects of human trafficking and modern day slavery. A vulnerable production that follows the honest movement of 5 individual characters as they share with audiences the physical and psychological effects this issue has on the body and mind. The production sets out to challenge your perceptions and assumptions through themes of manipulation, disorientation and ultimately dehumanisation. 


Filled with vibrant characters, unique physicality, an original score by James Keene and a new script by Sarah Amankwah that highlights the juxtaposition of society and the issue at hand. 

1 June 10.30am-12.00pm

The Natashas Project offers the opportunity to participate in a FREE Workshop. Ages 12 +. All abilities welcome, please come dressed to move! (No jeans or skirts!)

To sign up: clarissa@applecartarts.com