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We’ve filmed and streamed so many amazing shows from Applecart’s theatre over the last year, and it seemed a shame to hide these wonderful productions away. Here are a few of the fantastic performances that we’ve made available for you to watch online at your own leisure. All shows from £5 and available for 30 days from the time of your booking.
Bare Knuckle
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Final Fight for My Father

Touching, hilarious and deeply personal, Bare Knuckle sheds light on the brutal, and often hidden, male world of bare knuckle fighting. Bare Knuckle reveals the emotional battles between father and son, exploring the need to be the best, to keep getting up off the floor to throw another punch and his father’s desire to pass the title of champion on to him.

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When did you last feel alive?

Fifty, frumpy and full of inhibitions, newly divorced Julie is searching for the sex life she once had, declaring “I’m not ready to be put out to pasture yet!”. Hurling herself into the modern dating scene, Julie shares her experiences with raw humour and engaging honesty, introducing us to the range of characters who help (or hinder) her transition into an empowered woman living her life and having that elusive fun.

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Alexa, why am I sad?

This clown is down, so she enlists the help of a comic companion, the audience and a digital assistant for a digital performance. Together they embark on a frank and funny exploration of mental health. A physical comedy, without dialogue, that hopes to focus on friendship in an increasingly isolated society.

Finding Percy Erebus
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Little one my dear, 
You look so lost.
You’ve made your way here, 
But at what cost? 

Percy is gone, but his best friend is certain she can find him. 
Travelling through a magical world, she confronts dancing tricksters and thieving pirates, outsmarts mind-boggling riddlers and rhyming doctors. Journeying from her bedroom to the bottom of the ocean, she attempts the impossible: ‘Finding Percy Erebus’.

One Duck Down
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7000 Rubber Ducks. 7 Seas. 1 Big Adventure.

Our unlikely but lovable hero Billy is prepared to venture to the ends of the earth to win the affections of his sweetheart. Little did he know he’d be set the tremendous task of finding the elusive nautical treasure... Rubber Ducks?! Soon he is swept up on an ocean clear up adventure that would make David Attenborough proud, spanning from the quaint shores of Pebbleton Village to the icy north pole, from an exotic tropical beach to a floating island made entirely of rubbish.

The Fall
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A Sunday morning fall from grace...

A comic, poignant and poetic retelling of a child’s memorable trip to church resulting in a life changing realisation. The Fall is an exploration of inherited shame and how to overcome it, raising questions about the domestication, silencing and shaming of women throughout the history of The Church.

The Flying Seagull Spectacular
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Magic, Mischief and Mayhem for all the family!

The world famous ‘Flying Seagull Project’ once again bring their unique brand of entertainment to tell the story of a redundant lighthouse keeper who embarks on a highly interactive adventure involving pirates, magic, clowning and music. The Flying Seagull Spectacular will be sure to amaze, entertain and have children and even adults laughing their socks off.

The Jolly Christmas Postman
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Once upon a Christmas Eve...

Join the Jolly Christmas Postman on his final delivery of the year as he visits well-loved characters such as Miss Riding Hood, Humpty Dumpty and many others.

Story Pocket Theatre brings this timeless Christmas tale and colourful characters to life in a show full of music, cheer and magical storytelling.