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Youth Theatre - Join Now!!
17th November 2019
Applecart Arts

In collaboration with professional theatre company Ellandar Productions, Applecart Arts is launching their youth theatre company this November/December.


Our pilot programme will consist of four sessions of workshops and rehearsals for 14-18 year-olds run by producer/writer Iskandar Sharazuddin and director Mingyu Lin, culminating in the creation and performance of a new piece of devised theatre by the participants.


The workshops will be built around games and practical activities drawing from personal stories which will be moulded into a performance. We aim to deliver an active and creative process focused towards a performance outcome in order to cultivate both a love and interest in theatre and live performance.


The final performance will be held at 5pm, Saturday the 7th of December at Applecart Arts’ Old Church Room performance space.

Please email: to confirm your place

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