One Shot
One Shot
Past Performance
In The Theatre
October 14th - October 17th 2020

Part of Dazed New World Festival 2020

Presented by Applecart Arts 

Winner of Applecart Arts' SEEDs competition, Julia Szajkowska's 'One Shot' asks what way out would you take? 

Performed by Warren Mendy and Directed by Prashant Nagar, this thought provoking performance was performed and filmed in Applecart Arts' Littlewood Theatre space as the UK began to emerge from Lockdown. 

Produced by Will Alder and Peter Moreton
Curated by Darrel Draper

Julia Szajkowska on One Shot:
"The story is set in a dystopian era, where those from more economically deprived areas are shown only certain pathways they can take to benefit the media and such industries, inspired by the fact that the education system needs to do a better job at showing more options for young people than “go to university and be a lawyer or doctor or be a failure, unless you can make it in sports or in the media”. I also wanted to address how the media often requires people to portray a certain image to truly succeed as well as the pressures and stereotypes this induces in communities."

Read more about Julia and the creative team here

Wednesday 14th October, 7pm
Saturday 17th October, 9pm

Online Stream

This is a free event, however donations are encouraged to support the ongoing work of Applecart and our artists. 

30 mins

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Creative Team
Julia Szajkowska Writer

Julia is from North London and has been writing stories ever since she learnt how to write, it’s been her passion since and she has always hoped to one day spread a positive and uplifting message in the world through her work.

Prashant Nagar Director

Prashant is a theatre maker who trained under Young Vic and has recently directed for Theatre503. Particularly interested in working with new writing, he makes art which not only champions underdogs but gives people perspective in the lives they’re living. He recently wrote an audio drama titled 'Dirty Reflection' for The Albany in association with Foreign Body Productions as part of the Open Source Collaborations programme which can be listened to following this link:

Warren Mendy Actor

Warren is a Brit school graduate who has a passion for telling and writing stories. He can speak 3 languages including English, French and basic Spanish. 

Darrel Draper Project Curator

Darrel Draper is a working class playwright and theatre practitioner who aims to champion those living on the circumferences of society. He represents a demographic of people in the lower third of cultural and arts engagement in the country, being born and bred between Romford and Harold Hill Essex. With his involvement in the arts he wishes to shine a light on those often overlooked or misrepresented in the industry.