Adventures in Black and White - Voila! Festival
Adventures in Black and White - Voila! Festival
Past Performance
In The Theatre
November 14th - November 16th 2018
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It starts with a conversation that never happened. 

Stasys and Lilly face each other, unwilling to talk about their exile. But from within the spaces between their words and the seams that hold their patchwork clothes together, images come to life. 

Both thoughtful and mischievous, 'Adventures' brims with storytelling, translated diaries, sound- and image-scapes, and cake.

In English, with Lithuanian and Dutch

We follow the parallel lives of two people in exile, one in Siberia, the other in The States, and their granddaughters who are having trouble finding their roots.

Double Trouble explore displacement and its aftermath. Both thoughtful and mischievous, the performance brims with storytelling, sound- and image-scapes, translations, blurry photographs and cake.

'Adventures' delves into the idiosyncratic habits passed down through the generations of families who have been displaced, and the fertility inherent in our inability to get back to our origins. Celebrating the playful survival tactics employed by young people in exile, we discover the light within the dark.

Developed with the support of Camden People’s Theatre and Streatham Space Project. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


From the Press:

Catherine Sedgwick, The Upcoming, Oct 2018 (4 Stars)

“The piece expressively evokes the emotions of being uprooted, lost, trying to cement selfhood from fragments of lives….A particularly timely topic.…the poignancy of individual experiences and feelings.”

“Physical action using props, facial expressions and movement ingeniously expresses the stories of lost children and brave souls as are described in these recorded memories…inventive and impassioned acting by both performers brings their grandmothers’ recollections and sentiments to life.”

“An unusual and thoughtful work, Adventures in Black and White presents a quirky, innovative, amusing, entertaining, very moving and enlightening experience.”

Theatre Things, Oct 2018

“[This is the story] of all those trying to figure out where they fit within a world that seems ever more obsessed with the invisible borders between nations…an intriguing mix of poignant and bizarre.

“In between these scenes of reminiscence are moments that feel deliberately alienating. One such scene includes many words, but not one of them in English, and though we can get the gist of what’s being said, there’s still an uncomfortable sense that we’re missing something – much as it must feel to arrive in a strange country as a young child.”

“The idea of displacement is portrayed in the show as far more than just a single, universal experience that everyone goes through in exactly the same way.”


Devised and performed by Miriam Gould & Judita Vivas

Image design: Elena Skreka

Photography: Nina Carrington

Video credit: Monir El Haimar


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Twitter: @TroubleTheatre #AdventuresinBlackandWhite

Instagram: @doubletroubletheatre

14th November 8:45pm

16th November 8:45pm (postshow Q+A.)