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May 16th - May 18th 2019
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"I would like to ask the British what visa they had when they ruled us for 150 years?

Britain colonised 25% of the Earth’s land surface, subjugated 500 million people and justified the mass violence as a civilising mission. In the UK, migrants, refugees and those seeking asylum are scapegoated, detained without charge, interrogated, forced into destitution, deported without warning, suffocated, beaten and pushed to suicide by the British State’s anti-immigration and anti-asylum policies.

ILLEGALISED, from British-Romanian collective BÉZNĂ Theatre, is a journey through the Home Office’s  human rights abuses against ‘the other’ that exposes the profit made from the illegalisation of human beings.

ILLEGALISED, inspired and informed by interviews with migrants, refugees and those seeking asylum, is the first part of a protest cycle denouncing Britain’s dehumanising of people for power and profit from colonial times to today.

ILLEGALISED is protest-theatre calling for solidarity.

BÉZNĂ Theatre is a British-Romanian interventionist political theatre collective formed in 2013. BÉZNĂ make political theatre that investigates societal inequalities and confronts institutional and normalised violences. BÉZNĂ is committed to interventionist activism through theatre in artistic and educational environments throughout Romania and the UK. 

See below for images of  BÉZNĂ in rehearsal.


Thursday 16th - Saturday 18th May, 7:45pm
£10 / £8 (conc.)
Age restriction: 16+
Image credit: Sabina Tudor


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Twitter: @BEZNATheatre
Instagram: @beznatheatre

Press Quotes
"...a necessary text in Romanian dramaturgy, exploring extremely rarely represented topics in the performing arts."
Mihaela Michailov on 'boyz and girlz', playwright and theatre critic
"...the message reaches the ones who need it, but especially those in a position to protect, not condemn."
Oana Bogzaru on 'boyz and girlz',
Watch The Trailer
Creative Team
Creative Team -

Written & Directed by: Sînziana Koenig & Nico Vaccari
Producer: Claire Gilbert
Cast: Lizzie Clarke, Oana Pușcatu, Ahmad Sakhi, Theo St Claire
Associate Artists: Participant A & Participant U
Lighting Design: Stacey Sandford
Sound Design: Dan Balfour

Experts: Malia Bouattia, journalist and activist, previous president of NUS & Dr. Monish Bhatia, activist and lecturer in criminology at Birkbeck
Also consulted: Dr. Umut Erel, Dr. Freddie Laker, Alexandra Bulat, Dr. Olivia Vicol, Jenny Barrett and Participant H